CLIENT DESCRIPTION: Greenlines Technology is a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) company with a groundbreaking trip planning app, “Cowlines,” that provides users with the optimal route around cities by combining any mode of transport available into a seamless, multimodal trip. Cowlines is a unique app capable of quantifying the modal shift and subsequent carbon emission reductions produced by each user. Cowlines is a highly scalable and low cost solution that puts the environment and the people first while fighting climate change to push cities towards smarter futures.


After Cowlines’ successful beta launch in September 2018, Greenlines was seeking a PR agency to announce their North American launch in over 62 cities including the metro regions of Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, San Diego, Toronto, NYC and others. As one of the most ambitious app roll-outs in recent years, Greenlines was looking for an external communications company to help them extend their PR footprint to new markets in North America. Despite receiving favourable press in local media outlets in Canada during its beta launch, Cowlines was not a well-known entity in all of its North American launch markets. Not only did Cowlines require an experienced PR team focusing in US media, but they also required a PR partner capable of working within a compressed time frame. Magnolia recommended a media relations program for Cowlines’ NA launch to target both the business and consumer markets in key metropolitan regions.


Media relations program

Designed a strategic press relations program to raise media awareness of Cowlines’ company profile and offerings.

Media relations

Developed a strong and clear news hook for the press release, while managing the assets folder consisting of images and videos for media use.


Magnolia achieved net new PR media hits for Greenlines as a result of a detailed PR plan targeted to priority outlets, and due to the cooperative and transparent lines of communication between Magnolia and Greenlines.

"The Magnolia team demonstrated to us how a strategic PR program can have a direct impact on business outcomes and that good PR at the right time can influence relevant business development opportunities. Magnolia’s energy and highly responsive approach resulted in high-impact PR results in tier one publications that was revered by many partners in our industry."

David Oliver
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Greenlines Technology



Tier one and trade media placements across online, wire, print and broadcast media




Comparative media ad value

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