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Magnolia is a full-service digital marketing firm with an award-winning team that delivers results. Serving customers both locally and globally, Magnolia is one of the few full-service marketing companies in Kelowna that specializes in both public relations and marketing strategy, and executes end-to-end marketing campaigns.

Expert Marketing Solutions for B2B Industries

As a data-driven digital marketing team, we leverage the brand stories of Kelowna businesses to create social media campaigns that increase impressions and conversions, content marketing and SEO that improves rankings, public relations strategies for top tier media placements, as well as paid advertising that converts leads to customers.

Local Expertise, Global Perspective

As BC natives, the Magnolia marketing agency understands the needs of Kelowna businesses.

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Customized Marketing Solutions

We create impactful and personalized end-to-end PR and marketing campaigns that help companies grow and reach their business goals.

Partnership for Growth

We're more than just a marketing agency; we're your partner in driving business growth and achieving lasting success.

How can we help

Digital Marketing

We help ensure your demand generation goals are met with purpose and excellence. Our digital B2B campaigns carefully define the customer journey reflecting thoughtful target personas. The results are building a strong sales pipeline with strong MQLs.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media content is not only creative but strategically designed for business to reach the interests of your customers. As your strategic partner, we have the platforms, tools and knowledge to build your brand and social presence.

Public Relations

We started off as a PR agency, and evolved into digital marketing so we know this world. We help clients reach stakeholders, customers and media partners with a goal to build your thought leadership voice in top tier channels.

Search Engine Optimization

Today, every business needs a strong SEO marketing plan to drive up your digital rankings and drive audiences to your website. Our team will conduct a full audit of your website and review how your keywords rank online and against your competitors. 

Media Buying

Media buying is an art, and we can help you develop a solid advertising plan that reaches your customers. Not only will we research opportunities in vertical publications, trades and journals, but we’ll stay on budget and uncover new leads.

Web Design & Development

Our B2B web specialists are experts in the field of lead generation and developing strong websites designed to engage and nurture customers at every step in the customer journey.

Why people love Magnolia

Frequently asked questions

As a full service marketing firm, Magnolia understands the importance of a holistic strategy that helps Kelowna businesses grow. To reach your customer base, Magnolia can help build content strategies, social media plans, SEO strategies, and paid advertising campaigns that will help customers find your business.
Magnolia’s end-to-end search engine optimization services help businesses in Kelowna adapt to the dynamic needs of the local market. We conduct keyword research, market research, buyer journey analysis, and create SEO content that ensures businesses rank high on search engines.
Companies need a strong and vast online presence to bolster brand visibility and reach their audiences. Magnolia uses a combination of cutting-edge PR strategies and marketing campaigns to help businesses achieve their goals. We ensure media placements in top tier publications and improve brand presence through social media engagement, email campaigns, content marketing and paid advertising.

Absolutely. As a full-service marketing firm, Magnolia can generate qualified leads through targeted advertising, content marketing, and data-driven insights. We also ensure business spokespeople are positioned as thought leaders of the industry through strategic media placements, expert commentary, and speaking engagements, to elevate your brand’s credibility in Kelowna.

Why you need a local Kelowna marketing firm

Every business in Kelowna has their own unique needs and customers. Magnolia understands the local marketing landscape to build tailored PR and marketing solutions that help you achieve your revenue goals, reach your ideal customers, and grow your business.

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