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Magnolia’s end to end crisis communications and reputation management program combines the art of strategic communications with NetReputation's proficiency in online reputation management (ORM) to monitor, build and manage brand reputation.

Our comprehensive brand management strategy integrates Online Reputation Management (ORM), Public Relations and Social Media to create a tailored program suited to your business needs, fostering trust and credibility among your target audience.

How Can Your Business Benefit

crisis communication strategy

Comprehensive Crisis Communications Strategy

Magnolia s communications and public relations experts create bespoke strategies for your company to protect you from online reputation threats across the most popular platforms.

Crisis Management Response and Preparation

This program provides digital media monitoring, impact assessment, and crisis response planning to help you protect and maintain your brand reputation.

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Online Review Management

Our partnership with NetReputation offers your brand access to sophisticated tools that strengthen your online presence with positive search results.

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Magnolia. They are responsive, friendly, helpful, and highly skilled in PR and communications. Magnolia has been an integral partner for us in helping improve our brand awareness across our markets and have been a seamless extension of our team. They have brought unique ideas to the table, delivered consistent media coverage and enabled us to put forth a strong brand message to our target audience. Using their expertise, we have been successful in positioning Somfy and our spokespeople as leaders in the home automation space and we look forward to their continued support in driving our brand forward.”

Cheryl Grabon
Digital Marketing Manager at Somfy North America

What’s included:

Magnolia's full service crisis and reputation management program, powered by includes:

Phoebe Yong - President Magnolia Marketing Communications

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Frequently asked questions

Customer review sites, social media discussions, and media coverage influence your online reputation. How your business is perceived in search engine results and across online conversations on various platforms also plays a critical role in shaping your reputation.
Start by assessing the situation objectively, addressing any legitimate concerns raised, and providing a constructive response. Engage with the reviewer or party involved to transparently resolve issues and demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and improvement. If necessary, consider leveraging online reputation management strategies to mitigate the impact and maintain a positive overall perception of your brand.

When facing a crisis, it’s crucial to act swiftly and strategically. Begin by assessing the situation thoroughly to understand its scope and impact. Communicate transparently with all internal and external stakeholders, providing timely updates and reassurance. Consider engaging a PR agency
specializing in crisis management, such as Magnolia Marketing Communications, immediately to help navigate the crisis and protect your company’s reputation effectively.

Services that protect your company’s reputation

Magnolia Communications was initially founded as a global Digital
PR Agency supporting B2B clients. With our partnership
with, we are taking our communications
services to the next level. Connect with our team to learn how we
can help manage and protect your brand reputation.

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