A botany lesson that highlights our brand

The Magnolia is a flower that makes a statement. Since we’re in the business of making statements, we think it’s the perfect symbol for the level of communications excellence we continually aspire to achieve for our clients. Here’s why:

The Magnolia is an ancient genus of flowering plants called “Magnoliaceae,” and is one of the oldest known plants in existence. Carbon dating of fossilized specimens has shown that Magnolias existed 20 million years ago, and botanists claim that plants within the family, sometimes referred to as “allies,” date back 95 million years. This speaks to its exceptional strength and ability to endure. We also aim to give our clients the same staying power by setting them up to succeed with 360-degree, strategic communications solutions that give them a distinct advantage over their competitors. We focus on building long-term, and lasting client relationships.

While endemic to sub-tropical forests, Magnolias are widely cultivated in warmer areas around the world and have adapted remarkably well to urban environments. In more sheltered habitats, they can grow as large as a tree, but can also thrive as a low shrub on coastal dunes, just as we deal with organizations of all sizes, from the small but mighty like ourselves, to major industry-dominant corporations.
Some variants of Magnolia are deciduous, while others are evergreen. This demonstrates their highly flexible and adaptive nature. These are also the qualities needed for successful digital marketing campaigns, public relations plans, crisis communications, internal and external communications strategies, social media, and content marketing that need to be scalable, future-forward, and adjustable on-the-fly to meet evolving needs.
Botanists believe Magnolias evolved long before bees existed to pollinate flowers, so the flowers themselves have a distinctive structure suited to attracting beetles instead. Magnolia flowers have petal-like tepals rather than true petals and sepals like other flowers. This makes the Magnolia flower truly unique.
In some cultures, the Magnolia flower is a symbol of good luck and fortune. In others, it represents perseverance, beauty, purity, and dignity. We hold strong to those virtues.
The Magnolia is also associated with a love of nature. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our own paper-free, recycling-obsessed workspace, and in our thoughtful work with clean technology companies and organizations committed to sustainable practices.
Finally, the Magnolia flower is considered to be one of the finest flowers of any tree, particularly the blossoms of Grandiflora Magnolia. Grandiflora is a literal translation from Latin, meaning ‘great flower,’ a name that reflects its exceptionally large flowers that can reach nearly a foot in diameter! My, aren’t we grand? We’d like to think so because we have earned our reputation through commitment and hard work – and we have the awards, client testimonials, case studies, and great reviews to prove it! Check us out.
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