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With Magnolia, you get an award-winning team that is experienced in implementing critical services your business needs to succeed today.

As a full-service B2B agency serving clients globally, we specialize in public relations and communications to help build our client’s brands across markets and to keep them top of mind with their target audiences.

Our proven methodology has garnered media placements that matter to our clients. We deliver a unique blend of creative and thoughtful insights with data-driven stories that help your company be relevant and relatable to its customers.

Public Relations in Kelowna: Connecting Your Brand Globally

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Media We Know

Through our media network, we have secured media placements in more than 240 outlets globally.

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Results Delivered

In the past 12 months alone, we have secured more than 300media placements globally for our clients, ensuring that they have a strong presence in the regions that they service.

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International Reach

Our team has experience working in 15+ key regions globally so you can rest assured that you have your media needs covered wherever you choose to expand.

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Increased Industry Visibility and Awareness.

By securing media coverage, press releases, and participating in industry events, our PR services can ensure that your company's key messages and achievements reach a wider audience.

Establishing Thought Leadership and Expertise.

We can help you showcase your industry knowledge and insights by helping you contribute articles to industry publications, speak at conferences, and engage on relevant online platforms.

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Crisis Management and Reputation Protection.

By proactively addressing issues and transparently communicating with stakeholders, a B2B company can demonstrate its commitment to integrity and accountability.

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Magnolia. They are responsive, friendly, helpful, and highly skilled in PR and communications. Magnolia has been an integral partner for us in helping improve our brand awareness across our markets and have been a seamless extension of our team. They have brought unique ideas to the table, delivered consistent media coverage and enabled us to put forth a strong brand message to our target audience. Using their expertise, we have been successful in positioning Somfy and our spokespeople as leaders in the home automation space and we look forward to their continued support in driving our brand forward.”

Cheryl Grabon
Digital Marketing Manager at Somfy North America
Kelowna marketing specialist

Discover how PR can help

At Magnolia, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and impactful Public Relations programs tailored to meet the unique needs of your brand. We create deliverables that strategically ensure your brand’s positive presence and reputation across channels and markets.

By choosing Magnolia, you're not just selecting a service; you're investing in a partnership dedicated to maximizing your brand's visibility and influence.

Our specialists take a strategic approach to all PR programs to ensure an impactful and streamlined plan to help secure media opportunities with the right people at the right time.

Our specialists have a strong network of media relations globally and will work to secure media placements across tier one and trade media relevant to your business.

Content and messaging is king. We ensure your brand story and key messages are relevant and relatable to the media and your target audience.

Positioning your spokespeople as industry thought leaders is vital to building a strong brand. Our specialists will work with your communications team to help tell your story in creative ways with the right media coverage.
It is vital to protect your brand reputation, especially in the current fast-paced media environment. Through proactive crisis management and strategy development, our specialist can help you prepare for any event.
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Why people love Magnolia

Frequently asked questions

Magnolia’s public relations experts work diligently to elevate your brand’s reputation. We strategically craft narratives, engage with media outlets and manage communication channels to build a positive image. From crisis communication to ongoing reputation management, our PR strategies are tailored to enhance brand credibility and customer trust.

Absolutely. Magnolia specializes in crisis communication and can provide swift and effective support during challenging times. Our PR team is experienced in developing crisis response plans, managing media inquiries, and ensuring transparent communication. We work collaboratively with your organization to mitigate reputational risks and navigate through crisis situations, maintaining trust and transparency with stakeholders.

A strong online presence is crucial for effective public relations. Magnolia employs cutting-edge digital PR strategies and tools to amplify your brand’s visibility. From online media placements and influencer collaborations to social media engagement, we leverage digital platforms to ensure your brand’s story reaches a wider audience. Our approach combines traditional PR principles with digital marketing tactics for a comprehensive and impactful online presence.

Certainly. Magnolia understands the importance of thought leadership in today’s competitive market. Our PR initiatives are designed to position your key executives and spokespersons as industry thought leaders. Through strategic media placements, expert commentary, and targeted speaking engagements, we elevate your brand’s influence and credibility within your industry. Our goal is to not only promote your brand but also establish it as a trusted authority in the eyes of your stakeholders.

Public Relations programs designed for your business.

Magnolia was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as a boutique public relations firm and marketing agency to support B2B clients reach goals and uncover new audiences. As part of Magnolia’s global network, our Kelowna office combines the intimate knowledge of local markets with the expansive reach of an international PR leader.
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