Wenco International Mining Systems​

CLIENT DESCRIPTIONWenco International Mining Systems is a Canadian technology company that has been supporting the digital transformation of the mining industry through a suite of solutions that support fleet management, asset health, data analytics, and more for over 30 years. By promoting interoperability, Wenco helps mines increase productivity, efficiency, and safety. Wenco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery.


Given the unique challenges facing mining industry professionals, Wenco was seeking to ensure their content and social media channels were able to effectively communicate the complex nature of the industry while providing solutions to these industry pain points. It was critical for the content to be enticing for both established mining operators and newer contractors alike. Magnolia was tasked with revitalizing Wenco’s social media platforms organically, particularly on LinkedIn. The objective of the engagement was to effectively incorporate social media into the lead nurture cycle by providing informative and educational content to Wenco’s followers. A key driving factor and objective of this project was the need to increase link clicks and to refer organic social media users to landing pages. By doing so, Magnolia was able to achieve greater visibility for Wenco, and ultimately, drive more growth and value for the company.


Organic Social Media Program

Magnolia developed brand consistency in Wenco’s social media content to reinforce the company’s image of reliability and highly systematic operations. Designs and visuals were updated to align with the company’s industrial and sophisticated aesthetic which created consistency across posts and content.

Social Media Content

Repurposed existing content from the client’s website to highlight specific pain points and aspects of Wenco solutions, which helped attract specific audiences that resonate with those issues. Carousels and videos were chosen as the primary media for delivering information. Clickable links were included in post comments to support post types that didn’t natively integrate outbound links.

Industry Event and Tradeshow Support

Magnolia implemented social media mini-campaigns to promote Wenco’s attendance at industry events. These campaigns included content that announced Wenco’s talking points prior to the event, created in-event posts, and provided post-event recaps.



Impressions (22% increase)


Engagement (5% increase)


Link clicks (1.5% increase)

“Magnolia played a significant role in helping us achieve an 22% increase in our social media reach and a 5% improvement on our engagement. These efforts gave us wider visibility and supported our brand awareness efforts to assist in campaigns to recruit both new employees and customers. Their commitment to elevating our brand’s online presence is truly appreciated. Their dedication, creativity, and expertise have helped us to reach new audiences, increase engagement, and ultimately drive more growth and value for our company. They felt like a genuine part of the Wenco family, and not just an external agency.” 

EVP of Corporate Strategy, Wenco Intl. Mining Systems Ltd.

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