CLIENT DESCRIPTION: iQmetrix is a privately held software-as-a-service (SaaS) company with locations in Canada, the U.S., and India, focusing on designing telecom experience platforms to power sales of connected devices. Their software enables telecom retailers to deliver a buy-anywhere strategy through multi-channel inventory management and digital retail solutions. Through robust reporting and unified storefronts and digital channels, iQmetrix’s solutions help telecom retailers with data-driven decision-making and a consistent customer experience, either in-store or online.


With unique product solutions, iQmetrix’s target is a niche, posing difficulties in understanding the market and creating in-depth stories and messaging. It requires Magnolia to constantly refresh its approach to the target audience that aligns with the brand’s messaging to achieve top-of-mind share and engage them with unique and insightful content.


Public relations program

Position iQmetrix and its spokespeople as industry thought leaders in the telecom retail and SaaS industries. The program included the development of a comprehensive roadmap, timely pitches and monitoring of industry trends. A customized media list of targeted local, national and North American tier-one and trade media is also delivered in order to secure media placements for iQmetrix.

Awards and Speaking Opportunities

Support in research and recommendations for relevant industry awards and event speaking opportunities to position iQmetrix as an industry-leading solution and innovator in telecom retail.

Media relations​

Development of strong media relationships in order to position iQmetrix as an industry thought leader, boost brand awareness, and make the company a go-to resource for industry commentary.



Media Coverage


Total Reach


Ad Value Equivalency

“We are pleased with Magnolia’s services and happy with this successful partnership. Their collaborative and responsive team is proactive in finding new opportunities for us. We have a niche sector, so sometimes it has been a challenge to create a true understanding of our story and messaging. Still, they have been eager to learn and share that story and have succeeded as much as any general PR/Marketing firm could be expected to.”

Joannah Connolly
Lead, Brand Communications and Content at iQmetrix

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