CLIENT DESCRIPTIONSureWerx is a leading manufacturer of PPE products, tools, and equipment co-headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and Vancouver, British Columbia. The company markets these products under the Jackson Safety®, Pioneer®, ADA Solutions, PeakWorks®, Sellstrom®, Due North®, K1 Series®, Ranpro®, JET®, Strongarm®, American Forge & Foundry®, ITC®, and STARTECH® brands. It offers unparalleled access to its brands through its partner-distributor network servicing most industries worldwide.


SureWerx has been a trusted partner on the worksite, supplying brands with professional-grade tools and equipment to help build a culture around workplace safety and productivity. In the pursuit to increase brand awareness and generate inbound leads for its key product line, the company turned to Magnolia seeking strategic marketing counsel and digital campaigns to achieve such goals.

Magnolia’s team of communications and digital marketing professionals helped position SureWerx as the leader in PPE solutions, professional-grade tools, and equipment provider that is passionate about the safety and productivity of professional workers. In order to promote their products and solutions and generate quality leads, Magnolia curated an impactful integrated communications and marketing program.


Digital Advertising​

Magnolia’s high-performing digital marketing team designed a holistic digital marketing strategy for SureWerx. Magnolia leveraged effective digital advertising platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and other media buy programs, to enhance SureWerx’s brand awareness. Magnolia also helped drive high traffic to the SureWerx website and generated high quality leads for the sales team. The dollars spent on digital advertising resulted in a significant ROI for SureWerx.

Email Marketing

Magnolia’s experienced email marketing team designed an email nurturing program for SureWerx. Magnolia curated a series of engaging emails for distributors and end-users, moving the top-of-the-funnel leads and driving them down the funnel. Magnolia achieved this by providing relevant content for each stage, further educating and driving them to be more sales-qualified leads. The emails were run in both English and French to cater to different language requirements of the target audience.

Social Media​

Magnolia curated organic social media posts to build awareness and generate engagement for SureWerx and its house of brands. A monthly editorial calendar highlighted key features and benefits of the products and solutions offered by SureWerx. In addition to this, the team also boosted the organic social media posts to increase reach and generate additional engagement and landing page traffic.

Landing page

Magnolia crafted and designed highly targeted individual landing pages for SureWerx’s multiple product portfolios. The landing pages served as an important and central content piece for every touchpoint of the target audience with SureWerx throughout their customer journey. This helped Magnolia provide the leads with highly relevant content and generate qualified leads for the client.


Magnolia was successful in achieving strong results for SureWerx through multiple marketing campaigns.

"SureWerx and Magnolia have built a long standing relationship over the years and they are a trusted and valuable extension to our marketing team. Magnolia has proven their expertise by bringing creative digital marketing campaigns that offer in-depth data analysis and integration to our CRM systems for us to make sound business decisions."

Vice President and General Manager of SureWerx Canada

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