Ekona Power

CLIENT DESCRIPTION: Established in 2017, Ekona Power is a Vancouver-based breakthrough energy technology company transforming the way clean hydrogen is produced. Ekona’s pulsed methane pyrolysis (PMP) solution converts methane into hydrogen and solid carbon, significantly reducing CO2 emissions from the process while producing low-cost, industrial-scale hydrogen.


As a start-up entering the cleantech industry to produce clean, large-scale hydrogen, Ekona sought a strategic partner to increase their brand awareness in the market and among stakeholders. Ekona wanted to position itself as an inclusive and innovative start-up enterprise with breakthrough technology capable of transforming the way clean hydrogen is produced. 


Organic Social Media Program

With an existing presence on LinkedIn, Magnolia recommended leveraging this platform to grow their presence in the market. This approach would help amplify corporate announcements including new partnerships and investments, and provide a platform to engage with industry stakeholders and leading cleantech companies. Challenged with an account in the seed stage, Magnolia developed a strategy that increased Ekona’s brand awareness and would strengthen its position as a leading clean tech company in the market.  A mix of branded and top-performing industry hashtags was a key element to increase post impressions.

Dynamic Social Media Content & Calendar

Magnolia crafted a monthly strategic editorial calendar, which included social media captions and visuals that aligned with corporate announcements and event participation. The strategy was adjusted as needed to react to evolving news and events in the industry to ensure content was relevant and Ekona remained top of mind.

Team & employee features and highlights​

The best way to introduce Ekona as an inclusive innovative start-up was to show the faces behind the company while also calling attention to the frequent and continued growth of their team. This content was also supplemented with open positions and a clear call to action to apply to the company. There were new faces on the team to share monthly and the performance garnered from this content significantly contributed to consistently high-performance metrics and more visibility of job openings.

Community Engagement

Magnolia closely monitored LinkedIn and news articles for content Ekona employees were featured in or that discussed industry news to engage with and share to its network. Not only did this increase visibility, but positioned the company as a leader in the market.



Follower growth
(Over 16 months)


engagement rate


Average impressions per post

“With experience and a growing knowledge base of the clean tech and hydrogen industries, including methods of production, Magnolia has done a phenomenal job of understanding Ekona’s technology, the gaps in the industry and our needs as a start-up. With this as the foundation, they adapted their approach to get the most out of LinkedIn and amplify our announcements while our values stayed top of mind. Increasing visibility, Magnolia positioned Ekona as a strong player in the industry and an inclusive start-up with a breakthrough technology reinventing hydrogen production in Canada.” 

VP Business Development, Ekona Power Inc.

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