A Marketing Agency for the B2B Industry

Creating strong relationships between businesses is our focus and primary discipline. We help B2B clients achieve their goals, drive value, reach audiences and get results through today’s digital marketing and communications strategies. As a strategic B2B marketing agency, we serve a wide range of industries and segments. From small, medium and large-scale businesses, we know how to reach your audience and can help you drive growth and revenue.

Industries we serve



We operate at the speed of your evolving industry to reach your B2B audience in evolving digital channels with a unique brand message and story, and direct, personalized content.

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Magnolia MC Payments


We build B2B marketing campaigns and communication programs that reach your buyers while delivering personalized content designed with a clear value proposition.

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Magnolia MC Manufacturing


Your industry is unique. We tailor your B2B strategies and marketing solutions so you can stand out and build marketing programs to help you grow, acquire leads, and measure results.

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Magnolia MC Payments


As a full-service B2B marketing agency, our 360-degree integrated approach can help you cross borders and reach international markets so you can build your global brand and tell your unique story.

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Magnolia MC SaaS


We provide B2B market insights, marketing programs and business results so you can creatively compete in an industry that continues to grow through digital innovation and transformation.

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Magnolia MC Tech


We build B2B marketing solutions designed for impact. From brand awareness-to-sales lead nurturing programs, we can help you fill your pipeline and grow qualified leads for your sales team.

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Client Testimonials

Digital PR and marketing for business

Magnolia was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as a boutique public relations firm and marketing agency to support B2B clients reach goals and uncover new audiences. Connect with our team to learn how we can help you grow business.

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