CLIENT DESCRIPTION: An award-winning SaaS provider who delivers secure and high-performance virtual desktops and workstations required a webinar solution as part of their demand generation program. In a world of remote working, the client understood the need for integrated software solutions for productive remote working, especially when dealing with large files or sensitive information. The company serves several world-renowned customers and integrates with leading software infrastructures for a seamless work experience.

The client wanted to establish a webinar program which aimed to showcase the future of their software and how two award-winning programs were merging into a single product that integrates many of the features requested by its users. In addition, the client secured industry experts to speak during their webinar on how this new software has been a powerful tool to meet the complexities of remote computing needs.


The unexpected pandemic in 2020 led to a number of challenges in executing business as usual and staying connected to customers. The client wanted to maintain a presence in the industry despite in-person conferences and tradeshows being cancelled. Which was for many years a vital marketing stream for their business growth. In order to reach their target market remotely and garner new leads, the client sought support for their webinar program. The program aimed to:

  • Garner new leads
  • Demonstrate the power of their software
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Secure new customers
  • Explain the futre of their software
  • Increase sales


Webinar Program Management

Project managed and executed the webinar program from content creation to reporting.This included facilitating and overseeing attendee registration, creating and strategizing the content plan and developing, managing and maintaining the webinar platform.

Webinar Production

Console creation, platform management, registration page maintenance, asset uploading, day-of technical support and quality assurance.

Landing Page and Asset Development

Designed a landing page and assets that were eye-catching and provided value to the targetaudience that ncouraged registrations.

Paid and Organic Social Media Promotion

Strategy, content creation, audience targeting, maintaining budget and securing registrants through paid ads and organic social posts on LinkedIn.

Email Promotion Campaign

Write copy and design emails that were both visually creative and informative, which promoted and encouraged registration and attendance of the webinar.

Media Buy (Publications and Associations)

Research, recommendations, and management of media buy initiatives that supported client content distribution to secure registrations.

Webinar Report

End of webinar reporting, which provided a comprehensive document with essential metrics that contains the following:

  • Total number of registrants
  • Total number of attendees
  • Conversion rate
  • Registrant contact information
  • Promotion Channel rate
  • Engagement rate

The information outlined above supported the sales team in understanding the level of engagement from the attendees and helped them to determine the next steps to move potential customers through the sales funnel.


Over 55%

Attendee conversion rate





60+ Minutes

Viewed (live Performance), the industry average of 50 minutes



30+ Minutes

Viewed (on-demand), the industry average of 29 minutes

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