Build your 2024 sales and customer pipeline with a Growth Marketing Strategy

In this new 30-minute webinar from Magnolia Marketing Communications, you’ll uncover how to overcome today’s marketing hurdles and build a strategy to support your  business goals in 2024.

Learn from our industry experts who will give you the inside scoop on
growing your sales funnel with real life customer examples.

Your webinar hosts:

Phoebe President Magnolia

Magnolia Marketing Communications

Megan General Manager Magnolia

General Manager

Magnolia Marketing Communications

  • Industry eGuide

    In this eGuide, we will embark on an insightful exploration of Growth Marketing. Download Now!

  • Speakers Bio

    Phoebe Yong
    Founder, Magnolia Communications

    Megan Donoghue
    General Manager, Magnolia Communications

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